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Pink Flowers

Inside of Product

Here we are giving insights of what our products have to offer. Dee, the owner of Beaux Cil, gives a demonstration of how the product is used. Take a peek of what the hype is about!

IMG_4401 (1).jpg

Different Styles

Beaux Cil gives clients the option to choose between natural and dramatic effects. All are beautiful choices. Pick what best suits you!.

22 mm

Simple but cute. Wonderful results of 22mm. Gives a flawless natural look. 

IMG_0732 (1).jpg


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a result of the 25 mm lashes. The strip lash gives a dramatic effect.


This is a video dedicated to the clients who struggle applying strip lashes. It can be a struggle but as you continue to practice over time you will get better and achieve better results.

This is a video showcasing how our product is Waterproof. Check it out!!
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